Creating a product configurator with Vue #2

Posted in Javascript on May 15, 2019

In the previous post I introduced our fictive webshop with a product configurator. The plan is to build this configurator using Vue. To manage the state of the application I'll use Vuex. In this post the Vuex store is introduced with modules, state, actions and mutations. At the end I even include a small test implementation.

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Using WordPress as API for Laravel (2) – Connecting Laravel to WordPress

Posted in PHP on May 8, 2019

This is the second post on using the WordPress as API for a Laravel application. We describe how to setup the authentication, so that Laravel can retrieve the posts and pages created in WordPress. We use this setup in a project that was originally created in WordPress. It already had a lot of content, and also for new posts WordPress was the prefered choice, because of its great features to manage posts, revisions, comments and images. At the same time, Laravel is our prefered choice to build the custom features of the project, because of its great flexibility.

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Creating a product configurator with Vue

Posted in Javascript on May 1, 2019

We see it more and more these days: product configurators in webshops. The customer may choose from a wide variety of options to create a personalised product. The techniques to develop such a product configurator also vary widely. In this blog series I'll discuss our approach using Vue. In the first part I'll go over the concept, a sketch and defining the components.

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Adding Workbox to a @vue/cli PWA

Posted in Javascript on April 10, 2019

Workbox is the workhorse for progressive web apps of today. With only a few lines of code we get precaching, runtime caching and offline mode. In this post I’ll show how to add Workbox to an existing PWA built with @vue/cli and the pwa plugin to obtain a perfect score of 100 in Google’s Lighthouse tool.

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Running queues for multiple applications on the same server with Laravel Horizon

Posted in Development on April 3, 2019

Queues are an essential part of modern web applications. By handling long running processes as background tasks, apps become much faster and your users get a better experience. Examples are sending emails, processing file uploads and generating documents. With Laravel Horizon it’s easy to manage queues. Setting up horizon is easy. However, I ran into some issues when I tried to run Horizon for multiple apps on the same server. In this post I’ll describe how to fix them.

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