How to update a Vue 2 project to Vue 3

Posted in Javascript on May 11, 2022

This post discusses how to update a Vue 2 project to Vue 3. It is not a step by step tutorial as there are many out there already. In this post I will cover the tooling (Vue CLI/Vite), describe my experience using the composition API with the script setup syntax, discuss composables and talk about a new state management tool: Pinia.

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Choosing our tech stack for a new project

Posted in Development on May 5, 2021

As developers we need to keep track what is new and what is worth learning, while acknowledging we can’t learn everything because it is just too much. At the start of a new project, we have to decide which tech stack to use. In this post I’ll discuss our current choices.

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Handling cron jobs in Laravel

Posted in Development on April 14, 2021

Setting up cron jobs is easy in Laravel, since it has a build-in task scheduler. One of the main advantages of this task scheduler is that you only have to set one cron job on your server. Once this is done, everything will be handled by Laravel. In this blog we describe how to handle cron jobs in Laravel.

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