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How to create a good design as a developer

Posted in Development on October 8, 2018

I’m a developer, not a designer. But my customers expect the web applications, online platforms, websites and administrative panels I build for them to look at least ‘fine’. For big projects I usually work together with real designers, but in smaller projects there isn’t always a design budget. Still our applications should look nice and our customers should be happy to work with them.

In this post, I will describe the design guidelines I use for the most important aspects of a layout: grid, fonts, margins and colors. Then I will apply them to an app that was recently developed by my colleague.

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Transition to Laravel Forge and Envoyer – part 1

Posted in Development on September 12, 2016

In recent years, we have built several applications using the Laravel framework. Although we are really happy with the framework, hosting of those applications has always been a bit of a problem. Then, we ran into Laravel Forge as a tool to manage our own server and Laravel Envoyer to optimize the deployment of new features. In the following two blog posts we describe our experiences with these tools.

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New project in Bitbucket and Source Tree

Posted in Development on December 2, 2014

Source Tree is the free desktop interface for Bitbucket. No more complex command line commands that no one can remember. In this blog we will explain how to setup a remote repository in Bitbucket and clone that into your local Source Tree app.

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Using Git in team development (part 2)

Posted in Development on September 17, 2014

The second part about collaboration using the version control system Git. Here we discuss the heart of this collaboration with the Git commands push and pull. Because the major CMS systems around (e.g., WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) work with databases to save your sites configuration it is also important to sync your database between the developers, and more importantly, between the local development environments and the staging and live environments.

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An introduction to regular expressions

Posted in Development on January 7, 2014

Regular expressions are used in almost every programming language. You find them in many types of applications and are also known as regex or regexp. These powerful expressions may seems very complex, but luckily they have a clear structure. Once you understand how to read and write a regular expression, you are likely to keep using them in your code. This blog post described the very basics of regular expressions to get you started.

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