Since our nosedive in Javascript there is a ton of things to learn and the greatest new insights are written down in posts in this category.

How to update a Vue 2 project to Vue 3

Posted in Javascript on May 11, 2022

This post discusses how to update a Vue 2 project to Vue 3. It is not a step by step tutorial as there are many out there already.
In this post I will cover the tooling (Vue CLI/Vite), describe my experience using the composition API with the script setup syntax, discuss composables and talk about a new state management tool: Pinia.

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Sorting table dates in a Vue CLI project

Posted in Javascript on August 5, 2020

I updated this post from October 2019 as I found a new and in my opinion better Vue plugin to display and sort dates.

Sorting dates in a table was in my experience always a pain. You just don’t think about it and assume it will work out. Well it does, as long as the format of your dates is like 2019-10-09. However, if we show dates in another format, for example 9-10-2019 or even Wednesday, October 9, it stops working. In this post I’ll show how to handle sorting dates in non standard formats using the jQuery Datatables plugin, the Vue Tabulator plugin and Grid.js

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An interactive induction cooker in Vue #1

Posted in Javascript on July 29, 2020

When preparing diner after a day of programming on a Vue project, I was intrigued by the workings of our induction cooker. A lot is going on once you start interacting with it to cook a meal: you turn on the cooker, put some pots and pans on the heaters, turn on individual heaters, start […] Lees meer

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Creating a Vue SPA with Google Firebase

Posted in Javascript on March 4, 2020

A typical single page application (SPA) can’t work properly without an API to fetch data. Normally, we use Laravel for this but Google’s Firebase project seemed a good option as well, especially for quickly creating a minimum viable product. In this post, I’ll discuss some issues I ran into while working on a side project called ‘My Books’.

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Creating a product configurator with Vue #3

Posted in Javascript on May 29, 2019

This is the last part in the blog series about creating a product configurator for a fictive webshop. The product configurator is build using Vue. In the previous post we discussed the Vuex store. In this post the components are discussed. We leverage the strength of v-model and create the product configurator using container and presentational components.

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Creating a product configurator with Vue #2

Posted in Javascript on May 15, 2019

In the previous post I introduced our fictive webshop with a product configurator. The plan is to build this configurator using Vue. To manage the state of the application I’ll use Vuex. In this post the Vuex store is introduced with modules, state, actions and mutations. At the end I even include a small test implementation.

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Creating a product configurator with Vue

Posted in Javascript on May 1, 2019

We see it more and more these days: product configurators in webshops. The customer may choose from a wide variety of options to create a personalised product. The techniques to develop such a product configurator also vary widely. In this blog series I’ll discuss our approach using Vue. In the first part I’ll go over the concept, a sketch and defining the components.

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Adding Workbox to a @vue/cli PWA

Posted in Javascript on April 10, 2019

Workbox is the workhorse for progressive web apps of today. With only a few lines of code we get precaching, runtime caching and offline mode. In this post I’ll show how to add Workbox to an existing PWA built with @vue/cli and the pwa plugin to obtain a perfect score of 100 in Google’s Lighthouse tool.

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How to add push notifications to a progressive web app

Posted in Javascript on November 21, 2018

This is the second post on building progressive web apps using the new Vue CLI 3. Push notifications will be introduced to create a native app experience. Push notifications require quite some work compared to using the Browser’s Notification API as we did so far. We need to setup a backend and add functionality to subscribe for push notifications. In addition, we also need to create a listener in the service worker to be able to show push notifications. Ready? Let’s go!

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