Since our nosedive in Javascript there is a ton of things to learn and the greatest new insights are written down in posts in this category.

Deploying a Vue single page app on Laravel Forge

Posted in Javascript on September 19, 2018

Recently we implemented a single page application in Vue. For local development we simply work on our machine using a node dev-server. However, when it is time to go public with the app, we need a deployment strategy. In this post I will explain our setup for a single page application created with Vue and how we deploy the app to a server using Laravel Forge.

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Transitions in Vue

Posted in Javascript on September 28, 2017

Transitions are essential when you want to create an intuitive user interface. When using Vue, transitions are easily integrated in your application. Here we discuss a use case of one of our own projects.

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Did js-beautify break the internet?

Posted in Javascript on September 19, 2017

Monday september 18th, the Vue world is in shock: the vue-cli doesn’t work anymore. A new release of the js-beautify package breaks the npm install command. An issue on Github quickly gets a lot of comments. People are yelling that they can not work and can not ship app X to customer Y. A breakdown of what went wrong.

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Why and when do you apply Vuex in your project?

Posted in Javascript on September 18, 2017

In this post we will look into the why and when of applying Vuex to a Vue project. Not a detailed, code-heavy tutorial, we rather focus on a simple example in which it becomes apparent that Vuex is a solution to keep the codebase tidy and maintainable.

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Implementing a Tactics scoreboard in Vue

Posted in Javascript on May 9, 2016

Tactics (also known as Cricket) is a well known dart game played in many pubs and bars. The objective is to hit the numbers 20 to 10 and the bull three times each. A number is said to be complete once it has been hit three times and hitting it subsequently means scoring points (20 for hitting a 20, 19 for hitting a 19 and so forth) until your opponent completes it. The game ends when both players complete all numbers and the player with the highest score wins.

Although there are dedicated scoreboards available, I thought it would be nice to create a digital scoreboard using Vue.

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Using npm packages in Javascript

Posted in Javascript on December 3, 2015

npm is a big resource of Javascript packages. With some easy commands you just include whatever package directly in your project. The package.json file is very important for several reasons and we will discuss a few in this post.

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Modular Javascript inside a Laravel 5 project

Posted in Javascript on November 10, 2015

Here we describe a typical approach of modular Javascript inside a Laravel 5 project. We start by creating some modules and continue the whole process from dependency management towards bundling, minification and creating production ready Javascript. This process is extremely easy to setup using Laravel Elixir with Browserify. You just have to put your files in the right place!

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JS: The story of merging and minifying your code

Posted in Javascript on October 10, 2015

To merge or not to merge? That’s the question for Javascript developers. When you are working on the code you want to split your code in small reusable modules in order to maintain an organised and structured code base. But on the production server you want to minify the number of HTTP requests to improve the overall loading time of your page. In this post we discuss this subject in detail and come up with some tools you can use to achieve this result.

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Styling fonts with jQuery: a tutorial

Posted in Javascript on September 4, 2015

Recently we showed some CSS font properties. Sure CSS3 can achieve a whole lot and it is often better for performance of your site to achieve as much as you need with CSS only, but there are a lot of funny jQuery plugins and today I like to show you some examples of these as well.

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Javascript modules and jQuery events

Posted in Javascript on August 28, 2015

Writing good Javascript code is tricky. A first step achieving this goal is to start writing modules in Javascript. Modules make way for structured, organised code that does one thing and one thing well. With the update of our website at PLint-sites, I improved the Javascript by using modules. The module I would like to discuss in this blog is for validating a simple form. Here jQuery comes in because we like to let the user know early on if he makes a mistake in filling out the form fields.

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