Serverside language we use to build magnificent webapplications. With Laravel, a new era for PHP has come. We love to explain our newest insights on Laravel.

Passing objects by reference and by value

Posted in PHP on August 5, 2015

When you supply arguments to a function, these arguments will either be passed by value or passed by reference. This seems to be a subtle difference, but it could become a bit frustrating if you don’t know exactly what happens. The key thing to note is that simple variables such as strings, integers and floats are passed by value by default, but objects are passed by reference. If you need to use the object passed by reference, use the clone keyword to make a deep copy!

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Laravel: Framework for the development of webapplications (part 2)

Posted in PHP on December 17, 2014

The second part in the blog series about the php-framework Laravel. Besides a clear model-view-controller structure, Laravel offers great possibilities to quickly perform create, read, update and delete (CRUD) operations. Also for the validation of user input a nice class is available. Because these type of actions are often required in a webapplication, optimizing those actions definitely optimizes your whole workflow.

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Laravel: Framework for the development of webapplications (part 1)

Posted in PHP on November 12, 2014

Laravel is a php framework, with a model-view-controller structure, that is very suitable for the development of webapplications. For custom-build applications, this is a great tool to start developing. Laravel keeps your code structured and has several great features that speed up your workflow.

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