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Using WordPress as API for Laravel (2) – Connecting Laravel to WordPress

Posted in PHP on May 8, 2019

This is the second post on using the WordPress as API for a Laravel application. We describe how to setup the authentication, so that Laravel can retrieve the posts and pages created in WordPress. We use this setup in a project that was originally created in WordPress. It already had a lot of content, and also for new posts WordPress was the prefered choice, because of its great features to manage posts, revisions, comments and images. At the same time, Laravel is our prefered choice to build the custom features of the project, because of its great flexibility.

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Version control and WordPress cowboy coding

Posted in WordPress on April 16, 2014

Although there are many version control programs around, Git is probably the best known. I am not sure it is because of so many open source projects that can be found on GitHub, but starting to use Git in your daily workflow really makes it much better. Work together on large projects without overwriting each others files on the FTP. Start working on new features in a fresh branch and merge it into the main version when you are done.

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