Starting with React

react-jsDuring the dark winter days of last december and januari, I wished to learn something new: A new Javascript framework to improve my skills and becoming a better frontend dev. After all the fuzz I heard and read about React in 2015, I decided to pick React. Off course it is well possible that the framework, as great and shiny it seems to be at the moment, will be outclassed by some other yet-to-be-born framework, but you have to start somewhere learning new stuff, right?!

Starting with React

Getting up to speed with React might seem difficult at first, because the buzz words with respect to React (JSX, ES6, Babel, Flux, Redux etc.) may be a bit overwhelming. Various blogs have been written with roads to master React. Somehow I stumbled upon the new course from Wes Bos called React For Beginners. This is a premium course though available from $47.

Normally I don’t purchase premium courses¬†for a variety of reasons, the most important possibly that you don’t know what is inside and whether it will be of any help. This course however, promises to create a non-trivial app in a step-by-step manner. On top of that, a free episode is available to check out.

Then I made the calculations: how much work do I have to do for $47? And will it be possible to learn enough in that short time to build an app? Probably not so the decision was made: just buy the course and get going.

Upcoming posts

I definitely learned a lot by following this course. I made notes while listening to the episodes and typed along to create the app, rather than using the code that is supplied in the package. In coming posts I will put some of my notes online. Just as a reminder for myself, but maybe it will help you too!

I am curious if others also learned React by doing this course or another one or just by reading the docs. Please leave your comments below.

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